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Are you tired of the run-of-the-mill wedding directory and advertising sites that deliver nothing but disappointment?
We’re here to change all of that. Want to know how? Well you’ve read so far so we’re sure you do.

Wedango is a unique platform which connects couples to wedding suppliers who meet their criteria
(location, availability, budget etc) .
Learn about the key benefits of working with us

Since it is a wedding platform some people tend to compare us with other platforms
Let's just say that we don't bark as we're not dogs and we haven't (h)itched either ... if you know what I mean!

Weddings Only

We are not interested in mixing wedding services with plumbing services. We are wedding experts with a singular focus.
Single (field + focus) = targeted leads!

3 to 5 suppliers per request

You will not be competing against 20 other suppliers. We exclusively limit the number of suppliers in a particular category as well as limiting the amount that can accept a request too!

No Yearly Fees, No commissions

Our pricing model is pay-as-you-go, where you only pay for requests that directly interest you. Credits do not have an expiraty date. Additionally, we have a unique & fair refund policy, so that you only pay for quality leads.

Beautiful Intuitive Design

Requests are filled out in a uniquely beautiful and pleasant design which couples love. This is important to give you as much info as possible without boring the couples filling them in.

Fixed & Transparent Pricing

We guarantee fixed pricing, meaning that each deal you get costs the same as the other. We promise that your rates won’t be raised in the future. Once you become a paying customer, the cost per credits will never increase.

One more thing

There are plenty actually, we just wanted to make sure that you are still reading! If you are reading it, you are a perfect candidate, it means you are interested and you want to learn more!

How does it work?

Wedango's Purpose

We built Wedango for one purpose only, well two actually. To help couples book professional and verified wedding suppliers quickly, in less than 3 minutes for free. Furthermore, Wedango aims to aid wedding suppliers get in touch with targeted couples. Couples who are activey seeking their service (all while keeping it at a very low cost to the wedding supplier).

Impossible you say
Possible we say

In fact we can prove it as we have already done this in another country. You see the UK was always our goal but we wanted to start small, to build a platform that is able to scale and deliver on our promise. To be able to cater for GDPR rules [boring but necessary] among a gazillion other features. Check it here

We know you might be sceptical and we understand why but allow us to prove otherwise. We want to give you a FREE demonstration of how it works. No catch, no strings attached and no credit card required. If you don’t like it you can close your account and simply walk away into the sunset (or rain depending which part of the country you are in)

I want to learn more

Brides in the UK Love It.

How can they love it if you haven't even launched yet you might ask? Good question. Well simple(s), we know through our sister website in Malta. 20% of bookings came from the destination weddings from UK couples and they told us how much they love the platform, how easy it is and and how we should launch this in the UK & Irish couples getting married in Malta

We have just started contacting suppliers and we have received a positive response for many vendors so far and we already have vendors getting on board and we're very, very happy about this.

We also want you to give Wedango a go, or at the very least talk with an Account Manager to explain to you in more details who we are, what we do and how this can work for your business? All it takes is 10 minutes. You'll then be able to decide if this is for you, or not ....and if not, we'll love you just the same :) We only want to work with businesses who are interested in getting more business, who can offer a good service and who are looking for new ways to get new business in.
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You have nothing to lose!

Select the plan that suits you best. Upgrade or downgrade at anytime.

Our goal is to make the pricing as much of a no-brainer as possible. With just 1 or 2 sales, you should recoup your entire Wedango investment.

Starter Plan

Simplest plan available

£200/ £7 per request £180/ £6 per request

One time fee - pay per use - no time limit

  • 30 Guaranteed Leads
  • Analytics & Reports
  • One user

Best Value Plan

Boost your odds to get more business

£600/ £5 per request £450/ £4.5 per request

One time fee - pay per use - no time limit

  • 100 Guaranteed Leads
  • Team Collaboration
  • Analytics & Reports
  • Priority Support

In it for the long-haul!

The true value lies in the benefit of obtaining quality leads, and not in the price you pay. Our goal is to help you generate business. Why? We would like to continue working with you in the long run and to encourage you to continue repurchasing our plans.

Request a demo / call back!

You can apply for free and see if this is right for your business.
No catch, no strings attached and no credit card required.


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